Wednesday, July 6, 2011

i ♥ risd

I love RISD (Rhode Island School of Design)...really, I do.  Whenever someone mentions the school, the word,  or even Providence at that eyes light up and I am instantly reminded of all the wonderful experiences I had as a student there oh too many years ago!  Yes, it has a reputation as being one of the best art schools in the country...but for me, and most of the people I know who went there, it is so much more.  The exceptional teachers, the array of remarkable art classes, the amazing and unique friends I met while spending night after night in the studio to complete project after project....they are all a part of who I am today.  I love to visit the school and Providence.  Living only a few hours away and having family not far from Providence brings me to the area at least once or twice a year.  For many years my closest college friends and I would visit every October for Parent and Alumni Weekend.  The best part about that weekend it the student and alumni sale where RISD-ites show off their talents and sell their handmade goods.  I am never at a loss for something to buy at those sales and sometimes I even participate.  The city has definitely changed since I was a student...but absolutely for the better.  It has gone through a renaissance that has beautified parts that needed help, yet the history and charm of old world Providence seems untouched.  A few weekends ago my husband and I made a quick stop in Providence on our way back from visiting family.  Our time was limited so I knew we wouldn't be able to hit every favorite spot, but I also knew whatever we did see would still be excellent! We had our dog Mel with us so we set out on a little walking tour.   Of course my husband has heard the same stories a hundred times....but I thought Mel would enjoy a peek at what I was doing before he was even born!

One of my favorite stops...the mailroom!

The RISD museum has vastly expanded since I was a student.  It has a fabulous and diverse collection...a MUST see if you are in town!

The infamous RISD "beach".  Most students spend hours on this small patch of lawn, a great meeting place around the dorms in the center of the campus.  Note the tape "installation" on the wall welcoming the summer pre-college students!

Close up of the sculpture on the beach (Tom took this one).

Students selling their goods on the beach overlooking Benefit Street - where the student/alumni sale is in the fall.

The Nature Lab - One of the best places to spend countless hours examining specimens and drawing their likeness.  An amazingly original asset to the campus.

Mel & Tom resting while I shopped a bit at the RISD store!

The lower end of the museum on North Main St. which also features a the RISD Works store - all items are developed and/or made by RISD students/graduates.

This stairwell used to be a small, back alley when I was a student...Mel enjoyed the improvement!

Taking a lunch break down by the canal at Union Station Brewery.  They were so nice there, filled up Mel's bowl and gave us a table outside so he could take a rest while we ate.

Downtown Providence and the canal has gone through a "renaissance" since I was a student.  This bridge leading to the canal has been renovated and a September 11th memorial has been created by local students.

It is called the Wall of Hope.

I looked up and these old chandeliers were looking down at me...I love how the old mixes with the revived and new.

Several times a year the city holds what is called Waterfire Providence.   Waterfire was created by local artists as part of the revitalization movement and is a powerful work of art where fires are lit on the rivers at night as choreographed music plays and firetenders boat past...symbolizing the renaissance of the city.  The dark black orbs you see floating on the river in my photo are where some of the fires are lit.

My husband & Mel did get a treat from the RISD store...a new sticker for Tom's truck.  He has a pretty descent collection of stickers from all places we when I saw the "my dog digs risd" bone shaped sticker...I knew he would find the perfect spot for it!  'Cause after all, Mel definitely shares my love for RISD now!

Monday, July 4, 2011

happy birthday america

Not too long ago I came across this vintage American flag that belonged to my great grandmother.  It only has 48 stars...which dates it back to somewhere between 1912-1959.  I took it out today for a mini photo shoot with my dog Mel.  It seemed to make the perfect backdrop for our 4th of July photo!

Have a happy & safe day!