Tuesday, April 3, 2012

spring flower i-phone photo dump

I have been a little off my blogging game lately.  I am still here, just busy and occupied with a million other life happenings...kind of let my blog slip.  With all this beautiful (and very early) warm spring weather we having here in NY, I decided to share with you some of the boomings in my yard.  After last summer's "freak" hurricane and then the devastating snow storm that surprised us here Halloween week...our trees and plantings sure took a hit.  It is however now a breath of fresh air to see all of the new growths, buds, and flowers each day as we take walks around the yard with our dog Mel to explore.  These are from Mel's and my walk yesterday...enjoy this latest i-phone photo dump!

yellow daffs = :)

Our magnolia was hit hard by the storms...but it still blooms strong

These were potted hyacinths I was given and planted in the ground after bloom...
they come back year after year!

weeping cherry makes me smile

worms eye view through the forsythia

Even the stumps in my yard have "growth"...love interesting fungi!

What's growing & blooming around you?