Thursday, August 7, 2014

Back to School in Style!

A few weeks ago I had my new teacher ID taken (yay!).  It was given to me on a nylon cord and to be worn everyday around my neck.  Being an artist and someone who loves jewelry...I was especially frustrated by my new accessory; how it looked and how it felt.  I took to the internet to find an ID lanyard that was both stylish and had some meaning to inspire me; after all I will be wearing it EVERY day!  I am an art teacher, however I am also a certified yoga instructor, and have taken to wearing many different mala bead bracelets to help with my personal centering and well being.  I then thought, what if I could find a mala bead lanyard, all in one!  So I came across Mala for Vets and asked the owner and Air Force Veteran Chris Eder, if he could create a custom lanyard. I told him a little about myself, but really left if up to him to create a piece for me, with meaning and aesthetics... and he was also nice enough to work with my "teacher" budget.  Thank you so much Chris for my new accessory, I love it!  If any of you other teachers and/or yogis are looking for a special piece, please check out Chris's website.  His creations are wonderful.
my mala lanyard from Mala for Vets