Thursday, May 31, 2012

hello fleet week

the Intrepid is permanently docked in NYC

This past Memorial Day Weekend my husband Tom and I decided to venture into the city for a day.  As we drove down the West Side Highway we remembered (and saw) that it was Fleet Week.  We decided to park and walk on over to the Hudson River and check it out.  Fleet Week is an annual event and being able to see and actually board some the ships was an incredible experience.  Many of the service men and women were also on hand to talk, meet, and receive thanks from the thousands of visitors.  It was indeed a rare opportunity.
entering the USS WASP

looking down to my right as entering, this ship is huge!
on the flight deck looking up
planes land here!
one of the planes on board with the city skyline

Tom checking things out

note the "give 'em hell" logo

peering off the ship with the city skyline

To all our service men and women...
Thank you for your continued sacrifices, dedication, and service.