Saturday, September 18, 2010

storm king art center

My husband and I recently made a visit to the Storm King Art Center in Mountainville, NY.  Nestled within the beautiful Hudson Valley, Storm King is an outdoor sculpture museum that stretches over 500 acres of lawns, fields, meadows, and woodlands.  We had a beautiful day to visit.  It was a warm summer day with lingering clouds, but every once in a while a sweet breeze swept through.  Armed with the map (which was helpful, but could use a little bit of revising), Tom and I chose to walk the grounds to get what we felt was optimum viewing of the sculptures.  For those less adventurous, or when you get worn out (remember the grounds are vast!), Storm King does offer a tram service running through designated areas and also offers bike rentals.  Don't forget to pack a picnic lunch and take advantage of one of the many shaded picnic tables under the beautiful old trees on site (they also have a cafe if you forget your basket!)

I must admit, it was hard to keep "on course".  Everywhere I looked there are sculptures peeking out and beckoning me to come visit.  Some sculptures seemed to blend right in to the environment, some popped right out, and others had a unique balance between the two.  Looking back at my photos, about a month now since we visited, I am eagerly anticipating my next visit to Storm King.   I can't wait to view the sculptures again at a different time of day, with fresh light, and a changed season.  Exciting viewing opportunities await!

this tree/bark sculpture looks so real we were not even sure it was a sculpture at first!

andy goldsworthy, storm king wall

maria elena gonzalez, you & me, platforms are part of an interactive conceptual work

love this: roy lichtenstein's, mermaid

one of the newest sculptures just found a permanent home at storm king, it was actually still being installed and an opening ceremony is being planned for the fall.  zhang huan, three legged buddha


  1. Loved it! Make sure you bring comfortable shoes & some snacks.

  2. Very good photo of the "kissing platform" and that you could "activate" the "You & Me" map.

    Maria Elena González


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