Saturday, April 16, 2011

getting ready for easter...

Eggs decorated by my niece Casidy last year ♥

This year I feel like I have been getting ready for Easter for a while!  I was fortunate to freelance with the super talented team that put together the Easter special for the Martha Stewart Show. 
 Martha's Eggcellent Easter will air this Sunday, April 17, 7pm, on the Hallmark Channel.  
For a preview of the here!
Also...Martha herself blogged about some of the "behind the scenes" yesterday,
 so check out her blog!
Be sure to set your tivos, dvrs, or just grab some snacks and tune in tomorrow night!
I am sure you will enjoy all the fabulous guests, recipes, and decorating ideas that will be shared!
Oh...and after the special airs...
be sure to check back for some of my special "behind the scenes"!  

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  1. Nice egg color and I love the new blog header!Its so you! xo


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