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behind the scenes: grilling special

I love sharing "behind the scenes".  People always ask me about working on television shoots; so I feel sharing my photos and stories is a great way to pass along some of my insight into what it is we do.  A lot of time, preparation and people go into making a tv shoot "happen".  Some may say it takes a small army!  The teams I work with at Martha Stewart however are definitely well oiled machines.  Everyone works so well together to make magic happen.  This last shoot I was a set decorator on, Martha Stewart Presents: Grilling Secrets of the Master Chefs, was no different.  We may have had a few weather obstacles to push through...we set up and shot outside on some of the hottest days of the year so, humid, 100 temps!  We also encountered severe wind and thunderstorms bringing hail!  Of course we didn't let that stop us...the show must go on!  With only 2 days to shoot segments with Martha and six guest chefs,  time was indeed of the essence!  

Every shoot starts with a design/concept board!

Paul, Morgan & Elaina (some of the members of the art dept. on this shoot) all prepping in our staging area in the equipment barn

Thomas (prep kitchen chef/manager), Greta (food producer) and I set up each chef's segment(s) the day before to make sure we had everything needed and to work out the space.  I photographed and printed the photos of the set up to use as reference and make for easy set up again on the shoot day.  

Set up for the Cuban style, whole roasted pig Martha shot with chef Roberto Guerra.  He used that wooden box called La Caja China, where the hot coals are on top and the pig roasts below!

Party set up on the lawn at Martha's farm...can't you just feel the heat?

Prep chef Kelli working in the "Prep Kitchen" created under a grand tent!

Thomas checking on the "swaps" of chef Elizabeth Karmel's beer can chickens.  

One of the camera men shooting the "beauty shot" of chef Elizabeth Karmel's burger bar

Paul making "sleeping bags" out of napkins for the tasting silverware.  These napkins we were using are biodegradable, recyclable and compostable...they are from this fun company called Mydrap.

Always helpful cue cards

My lunch!  A sampling from the morning's shoot...we never let anything go to waste!  Chef Brad Farmerie's grilled lobster was amazing!

Martha and chef Bill Taibe from Le Farm pose for a photo for the still photographer after finishing one of his three delicious grilled vegetable recipes. 

Prep chef Kevin prepared ginger with precision!

Beautiful cherries styled in wooden berry baskets ready to be placed on the picnic tables

A peak inside the control room...set up under another tent

All the chefs at their stations...grilling away as the guests stop by to sample their delicious eats!
Martha's horse trainer and Kevin Sharkey (Senior VP and Executive Editorial Director at MSLO) stopped by the party on horseback!

Everyone enjoying the food, drinks and festivities on the party lawn

And of party would be complete without dessert!
Chef Emeril Lagasse served up grilled peaches with mascarpone and honey.  Notice our camera crew was standing by to catch all the action!

One last fun photo I found on my iPhone from when we were preparing for the storm.  Anduin (Scenic Designer), Hosanna (Art Director), Paul and myself were out in the fields taking everything in for the night before the storm.  We covered the straw bales which were placed for seating around the huge iron pot used for smores making, so they would be nice and dry the next morning.  Luckily, the showers passed overnight and we were able to continue with our shoot the next day.

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I wonder what will be next?  As you can see...we are ready for anything!

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