Sunday, October 23, 2011

martha stewart's halloween special

My dog Mel getting ready for Halloween!

Way back in August I started working on a very exciting project...Martha Stewart's Haunted House...the newest Martha Stewart Halloween Special which premiers this Monday, October 24th, at 8pm on the Hallmark Channel.  I worked along side many creative and talented individuals to help create a very inventive, fun, and of course, spooky show.  This week, Martha posted a few "behind the scenes" photos on her blog.  Be sure to check them out and get the insiders view to all that goes on when we work on these amazing productions.  I too documented some of our work along the way and will post my photos later in the week after you watch tomorrow night!  So remember, set your tivos and dvrs, or just settle in on the couch with a warm cup of cider to take your own personal tour of Martha's Haunted House.  You will be sure to get some new ideas.  Remember, Halloween is only 1 week away!

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