Friday, November 25, 2011

craft paper table runner

One of the best things, besides inviting 16 of my loving family members to Thanksgiving dinner this year, was to create a craft paper table runner on my tables.  In my previous post I wrote about how my husband Tom and I used 2 tables placed end to end to create one long table for enough seating for this years feast.  I then covered them both with brown table coverings and made craft paper runners to create one unified look.  I placed crayons on the table for the enjoyment of not only the children, but also the adults.  I am fortunate to have several artists in the family, and as you can see, really everyone just loves to draw and doodle from time to time.  I highly suggest this for your next holiday meal or dinner party with friends!

My niece Casidy was working for quite some time on her masterpiece!

My nephew Garrett created a "placemat" around his dessert plate.

My sister...thinking about decorating the tree (already?!)

My husband Tom...entertaining my niece!

My Uncle Bill left a "thank you" drawing!  
He and my Aunt Dawn joined us this year from Rhode Island.

There was even some math problem solving going on!

My niece Lilah wasn't left out in her high chair... 
she joined in with her own personal box of crayons.

My father (a retired art teacher) gave my niece Casidy a mini art lesson on how to draw a deer!

I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving and had a chance to enjoy the long weekend with
 family, friends & love ones.

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