Tuesday, October 12, 2010

acorn harvest

So I have been working on a month long freelance tv styling job.  It has been fun, different, and is a lot of intense work...it's also been nice to be back around the tv world again.   This weekend however, I took a little break and had some time to relax.  On Sunday morning Tom, (my husband), and I went walking in one of our favorite places, which we happen to live right down the street from, The Ward Pound Ridge Reservation.  The reservation is part of the Westchester County Parks, and is over 4000 acres of beautifully preserved land.  When I woke up on Saturday, I noticed how all the leaves had really changed. Almost overnight it seemed like autumn arrived!   As we started into the reservation, it wasn't the only the leaves we were noticing, but below out feet and as far as we could see, the ground was covered with acorns!  It was as if someone layed down a lovely carpet of fresh acorns for us to walk on.  Now I don't know if you remember, but only 2 years ago, there was an actual acorn shortage in the East Coast; so the the abundance this year is pretty amazing and quite satisfying to see!  I loved looking at all the different species of acorns.  We also collected many that were in good shape and of proper size to use for my felted jewelry and holiday ornaments.  When I returned home, I placed the acorns we collected out on my front porch in a basket to dry.  Later that afternoon I noticed a "friend" stop by to inspect my bounty!  I suppose he was as excited as I was by the fruits of the season :)
maps of the park are available and trails are well marked

this was my favorite acorn...i thought it looked like a cute house

perfect caps for crafting!

even acorns change colors...who knew?

caught in the act!


  1. is that your stone path/deck/rocking chair? looks so picturesque! i'm jealous!

  2. yes...Tom likes his "projects"...and I like to benefit from them!


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