Sunday, February 6, 2011

for the birds

glittered pinecones (not for birds!)

This past holiday season I made glittered pinecones for some craft fairs, to give as Christmas presents, and to hang on my own Christmas tree.  I recently stumbled upon some of the extra pinecones I had not glittered and decided to craft them into something we used to make as kids...pinecone bird feeders!  With all the snow we have been having, the birds have been flocking to our feeders, so I figure why not give them something new and different to feast upon!  These feeders are super easy to make, and if you have kids, so much fun for them to make with you.  All you need are some pinecones, peanut butter (you can use shortening or softened suet if you have nut allergies), twine, plastic knife, bird seed and a paper plate or two. 

Tie a piece of twine securely to the stem side of your pinecone

Use a plastic knife to apply peanut butter in the openings of the pinecone

Over a paper plate, roll the pinecone in birdseed.
I used black oil sunflower seed and pressed the seeds into the 
peanut butter with my hand.

Hang your feeder near the end of a tree branch ...the further out you put it,
the less likely a squirrel will be able to get it!
Wait...and birds will come :)

A very happy customer!  Now off to identify my feathered friends. 

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