Monday, July 5, 2010

the country mice go to brooklyn

So I am a bit of a country mouse, but we have a lot of big city adventures living only an hour outside of Manhattan.  Saturday night we decided to meet up with one of my long time friends Molly (who I used to work with on the Martha Stewart Show) and her husband Tim, who live in Brooklyn.  I can count the number of times I have been to Brooklyn on one hand...and being a country mouse, I do get a little intimidated driving into the 5 boroughs.  But alas...we had been trying to get in to Brooklyn to see their place and catch up for quite some time, and tonight was the night!  Now...the really cool part comes in when Molly tells me that in Brooklyn, there are cute pubs that do not serve food, yet they have local restaurants that deliver OR you can bring in your own food.  So, we decided to go picnic style.  Tim works at a fabulous gourmet store that specializes in fine cheeses called Bklyn Larder, so he brought us a delicious spread.  I made a chocolate zucchini cake that is an old recipe from the grandmother of another friend who we used to work with on the show.  We got a prime table in the garden at Franklin Park and enjoyed a great visit with our friends, and not to mention, some tasty eats!

molly says all art teachers need a pet rock...this is the one she gave me as a graduation present.  he came with some new friends too :)

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