Monday, July 12, 2010

sculpture around me

vintage instant - black & white

As some of you know by now, I am teaching some summer photography classes at SUNY Purchase.  Purchase is a liberal arts college, but they also have a highly regarded arts program.  Every day when I drive and walk on the campus I pass numerous sculptures the campus has adorning its grounds.  In class, I am teaching the students about film SLRs, darkroom techniques, and digital photography.  I do move around the campus a lot and I leave my equipment in the classrooms, so I do not always have my "good" camera with me.  Fortunately however, I always have my 
i-phone; so I started taking photos of the sculptures at different times of the day.  Dan turned me on to the Lo-Mob app not too long ago.  I played around with each image to create a new look that I felt best represented the sculpture and the mood at the moment I captured it.

instant -x wide

photocard three

ho-mob reloaded

instant wide 017A

6x9 instant emulsion

news emulsion (one of my favorite filters)

andy goldsworthy sculpture taken around 5:00 pm - no lo mob effect used

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