Wednesday, July 7, 2010

happy birthday america

I have been talking a lot to the kids about different points of view and interesting shooting angles in the summer photography class I am currently teaching.  I tried to take some of my own advise this past July 4th weekend when I was documenting our trip into Manhattan to see the Macy's fireworks spectacular over the Hudson River.  My bestie Dan is still freelancing for Martha Stewart Living and they invited the staff, with their family and friends, to come to the office rooftop for prime viewing.  We gathered our picnic goods and packed our bags and set out on another big city adventure.  It was worth every minute!

"worms eye view" of our flag

sunset over the Hudson River

italian combo and accompaniments prepared by Dan

farmer's market crudite

"birds eye view" of the fireworks

my wheeling cart on the train ride home with some new reading material!

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  1. hello!
    its so nice to *meet* you...just wanted to let you know i dropped by. i really love the pics, esp the one with your wheeling cart full of goodies.


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