Wednesday, January 5, 2011

sketchbook i come!

Several people I know, including myself, entered The Sketchbook Project this year.  Sweet Dani B mentioned her sketchbook back in August on her blog and and our friend Dallas is also participating. It is an incredible project; over 28,000 artists are participating and making sketchbooks to be exhibited all around the country.  Check out the website, it's pretty cool, they have images of books from the previous year and give dates when the tour may be in a city near you.  So I entered, got my theme of "facing forward", and received my sketchbook months ago.  I have also had an idea of what I have wanted to do for months....and now those months have turned into weeks and now I am of course, down to less than two weeks before I need to send my book in...and I am just getting to create it.  The past few days I have been trying out what I have been "thinking" about, and I feel my ideas and concepts are really going to work.  I love photo transfers...and I have been reading about new ways to transfer onto fabric.  I want to make my book out of images and transfers, but I also want to incorporate fabrics and have the book be textural.  I had thought from the beginning I would have to "deconstruct" the book a bit.  One of the requirements is you have to have your pages fit inside the cover, but you can change out the pages if you'd like.  I have decided to make fabric pages for my book out of a thick muslin and use additional vintage fabrics throughout the book.

vintage fabrics for use throughout the sketchbook

transfer test on thin cotton muslin

transfer test on thicker cotton muslin

I kind of feel like I am back at RISD and will probably have to pull a few all-nighters to finish my book...however I am pretty excited with the results so far.  Anyone else participating and still working on your sketchbook?


  1. dude your transfer came out awesome! i'm impressed.
    my niece is coming over on sunday, and i think i'll get out all the art supplies and work on my sketchbook while she plays with stickers and construction paper. i can't believe we only have 2 weeks!!!

  2. So you call me out on your blog?! nice! My book is blank still. We will see. xo

  3. I just posted some of my finished pages... LOVE the transfers and that you are working on fabric pages. I think I'm going to make a journal with muslin and canvas now that I've seen yours. Just for me and for fun now that I'm done with this one! Good Luck! Are you going to go see it in Brooklyn? I think I might wait until August and go during summer break to see them all!

  4. @sevprez you can always enlist your niece for assistance! will be fine, you have risd all-niter training as well :) @jennifer..thanks & i love the images on your blog of your book! i don't remember the map theme...that is a good one! I think I'm going to try and make it to Brooklyn in Feb...FUN!

  5. I'm your newest follower.


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