Friday, August 13, 2010

the county fair

My family reunion in Pennsylvania every year is scheduled around the biggest summer event in the area...The Huntingdon County Fair.  My aunt and uncle have a beautiful house on the lake and invite all the relatives to come stay the week and of course at least one day is spent visiting the fair.  The fair is a huge event and has been going strong for over 100 years.  This fair is "known as the premier agricultural exposition in Pennsylvania".  You can find everything from the largest head of broccoli, to the best kept farm animals, to all kinds of baked goods, educational exhibits, and local businesses advertising their wares.  The fair of course also has the usual carnival rides and food booths, music and dancing, and for those looking for added excitement, you can't miss the demolition derby!   It is also a great place to go and learn about the area and all that it has to offer...including the farm animals (my niece even got to milk a goat this year!)  Awards go out for the best veggies, flowers, and animals, along with the annual crowning of a fair queen and her court.  The sleepy town of Huntingdon, PA really comes alive with the growing traditions they keep going, year after year!

off to see the animals!
judging pen (youth/4H market lambs)

monkey bread...a delicious fair treat, a must have!

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  1. We love monkey bread! Love the "Milk is natural" shot...


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