Wednesday, August 18, 2010

what's your favorite color crayon?

On my way back from visiting family in Pennsylvania last week my sister decided to surprise my nieces and stop at the Crayola Factory in Easton, PA.  The Crayola Factory is a hands on discovery center where you can not only learn about the Crayola brand, but there are dozens of interactive activities and projects using the Crayola products offering hours of fun and enjoyment.  There is even a demonstration showing how the world famous crayons are made!  On the third floor, you can visit the National Canal Museum where there are 4 hands on galleries created to help teach their viewers about the importance of canals to our country's early development of commerce.   Inside the gift shop (among all the take home goodies), you can see the world's largest crayon!  It is made from 123,000 recycled blue crayons!  Crayola is also going GREEN!  I was very happy to get a free new black barrel marker (made from recycled bottle caps) with one of the tokens you receive upon admission to the factory.  Crayola recently built a solar farm and is now producing 1/3 of their products with solar electricity.  Markers and crayons are being produced with a little help from the sun...go Crayola!

view from the elevator

crayon coloring center...everyone loves to color!

a very busy craft room!

Crayola is going GREEN ♥

the world's largest crayon! DOB October 11, 2003
made from 123, 000 recycled blue crayons, weight: 1,500 lbs
length = 15 feet, diameter = 16 inches

what's your favorite color Crayola crayon?

In 1903, when Binney & Smith first introduced Crayola crayons there were only 8 colors: black, brown, orange, violet, blue, green, red & yellow.  Now there are 120 colors to choose from!

almond, antique brass, apricot, aquamarine, asparagus, atomic tangerine, banana mania, beaver, bittersweet, black, blue, blue bell, blue green, blue violet, blush, brick red, brown, burnt orange, burnt sienna, cadet blue, canary, caribbean green, carnation pink, cerise, cerulean, chestnut, copper, cornflower, cotton candy, dandelion, denim, desert sand, eggplant, electric lime, fern, forest green, fuchsia, fuzzy wuzzy brown, gold, goldenrod, granny smith apple, gray, green, green yellow, hot magenta, inch worm, indigo, jazzberry jam, jungle green, laser lemon, lavender, macaroni and cheese, magenta, mahogany, manatee, mango tango, maroon, marvelous, melon, midnight blue, mountain meadow, navy blue, neon carrot, olive green, orange, orchid, outer space, outrageous orange, pacific blue, peach, periwinkle, piggy pink, pine green, pink flamingo, pink sherbert, plum, purple heart, purple mountains' majesty, purple pizzazz, radical red, raw sienna, razzle dazzle rose, razzmatazz, red, red orange, red violet, robin egg blue, royal purple, salmon, scarlet, screamin green, sea green, sepia, shadow, shamrock, shocking pink, silver, sky blue, spring green, sunglow, sunset orange, tan, tickle me pink, timberwolf, tropical rain forest, tumbleweed, turquoise blue, unmellow yellow, violet (purple), violet red, vivid tangerine, vivid violet, white, wild blue yonder, wild strawberry, wild watermelon, wisteria, yellow, yellow green, yellow orange: information obtained from Crayola website 

so many colors...but everyone has a favorite.  what's yours?


  1. i have to go retro and pick cornflower and goldenrod. they aren't necessarily my favorite colors but they just remind me of being little and being so intrigued by strange color names.

    also, do you remember how sesame street used to show the clip of how they made an orange crayon that a girl was using to color a monarch butterfly? again burned in my consciousness.

  2. That is super cool! My favorite crayon color is cerulean! I also like scarlet. :)

  3. Normally I would go with CRIMSON as my fave but their silver and gold crayons show up on dark paper which makes them extra cool! Amazing blog post- I wish I went along on this field trip! xo


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