Sunday, August 8, 2010

my proud mom moment

This past Friday marked the end of my second session of teaching photography classes at SUNY Purchase this summer.  This session was a 4 week, pre college course for high school students interested in developing technical and aesthetic skills in photography, using both digital and 35mm cameras.  The kids did an amazing job during the 4 weeks learning to use their film and digital cameras.  They also learned how to develop film and print in the darkroom and edit their photos with Adobe Photoshop in the mac lab .  In the final days, they learned to edit, mount and hang their work for the group exhibit.  After all the work was up on the walls, I had a true proud mom moment and gushed to tell them how impressed I was to see the finished product.  They really did an excellent job from start to finish over the few weeks we spent together and it could most definitely be seen in the stellar exhibit they presented.
    students made invitations to invite their friends and family to the exhibit

each student had individual portfolio reviews with myself and the co-teacher for the class together, to help edit work for the show

exhibit space ready for guests to arrive!

a guest arrived with invitation in hand!

each student wrote an artist's statement to accompany their work...
they included digital and darkroom prints; as well as a book made digitally using Adobe Photoshop

people really liked looking through the books!

till next summer...

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  1. Gorgeous work! These students really pulled together a classy looking exibit. Excellent job!


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