Thursday, August 12, 2010

the simple life

I'm off in PA for a week for our annual family reunion.  I haven't been able to make it for a few years due to my graduate school studies and work schedule.  Every year there are a few places the family has on the list to go.  I was pretty excited this year to make it back to see some of  favorites.  Today I went to Peight's Country Store with my sister and two adorable nieces.  Peight's is an Amish country store with two locations, one in Belleville, and the one we went to, in Mount Union.  I love buying things in bulk...especially candy!  In NY, when I was working on the Martha show, we would frequent Economy Candy for all kinds of bulk candy to dress the set with at great prices.  Peight's has bulk candy pre-packaged for prices that actually beat Economy!  The store is not limited to candy however.  It is a true country store filled with fresh, local, fruit and veggies, homemade pastas, dried goods, home goods, and also an in store deli serving the family favorites of fresh ham salad and sweet lebanon bologna...just to name a few of the other things you will find as you browse the isles of this gem of a store.  If you are ever driving through this part of Pennsylvania I suggest you drop in to check out (and sample!) some of the pure and simple life at Peight's Country Store.

Mount Union is a sweet, sleepy old town.  My sister was a great tour guide and stopped along the way so I could snap a few photos of the sites.

i "heart" these old coca-cola signs

bridge into town

the convert hotel...not sure it is still in business 

on the way into's diner was super busy for lunch!

cute car wash outside of town

peight's booty!

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